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The real garden keeps on teaching

The real garden, the one that is actually growing (or struggling to grow because of the drought)

Is keeping on teaching.

The dandelions, whom I noticed were so tenacious, and bright,

and whom I therefor befriended, are in turn feeding the little birds.

These particular little birds.

Each bird balances, as tenaciously as the dandelions stay here in drought and in soggy soil,

On a slender stalk.  Then slowly the birdling stalks the seeds, edging forwards,

the dandelion stalk slowly bending down as the little bird

Edges closer, and then, chomp chomp chomp munch the seeds.

But between them, the little birds,  leave some to become puffballs.

Of dandelion seeds, to travel on the fierce winds, and somewhere far to also

feed the birds, and feed the bees.


The camera person, me, creeping clumsily to film them, without flustering them all away.





Depending on dandelions

I was once told, by someone for whom it was a reality, that there are seven plants which,  together,  keep the universe from unraveling.  I do not know the other six, so over time I take it almost for reality that it is the dandelion that keeps the universe from unraveling.

Dandelions on the pavement lawn

Be that as it may, the dandelions are a dance of transformation in themselves – open bright yellow flowers to the sun, happy harvest for bees, corkscrew no-flowers to the dusk sky, round puff-ball seeds, whisps of seeds on the wind . . . . and a root for a roasted beverage (if you know how to do that).

The dandelion-dao, maybe (maybe not) keeping the universe, or at least my bit of the beautiful planet,  woven together in rough times.

Cartoonist Michael Leunig once had a cartoon called “A man meets twelve great spiritual leaders” leunig25

I am doing a list called “A woman meets twelve great spiritual teachers”  or perhaps “Somebody meets twelve great immortals”.

Number one on the list, herewith the dandelion.