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The real garden keeps on teaching

The real garden, the one that is actually growing (or struggling to grow because of the drought)

Is keeping on teaching.

The dandelions, whom I noticed were so tenacious, and bright,

and whom I therefor befriended, are in turn feeding the little birds.

These particular little birds.

Each bird balances, as tenaciously as the dandelions stay here in drought and in soggy soil,

On a slender stalk.  Then slowly the birdling stalks the seeds, edging forwards,

the dandelion stalk slowly bending down as the little bird

Edges closer, and then, chomp chomp chomp munch the seeds.

But between them, the little birds,  leave some to become puffballs.

Of dandelion seeds, to travel on the fierce winds, and somewhere far to also

feed the birds, and feed the bees.


The camera person, me, creeping clumsily to film them, without flustering them all away.





The real garden teaching


The fantasy garden was bigger, and full of sun

All its friends used only heritage seeds

Brimming with life

Producing abundance for table food and table flowers


The real garden is small, and in deep shade, nearly always

The sun just a little bit on summer mornings and afternoons even more briefly

In the real garden I plant anything I can buy in the nursery that promises to grow in shade

Regardless of pedigree and organic propriety


The fantasy garden had huge butternuts

And fragrant sweet peas

The real garden is full of moss and clover

Which I am weary to disturb, in case nothing else thrives


The real garden has stinging nettle

Not that I am an expert but I thought it might be and when I pulled it out I was stung

Yes! Grasping nettles

Which in the fantasy garden was going to grow freely among the spinach and

nourish me in nettle soups

Like Milarepa of old


The fantasy garden was rich with my home made compost

In the real garden every time I turn the soil

Fragments of rubble surface – remnants of an old house that was here before

Lucky in the real garden big fat earthworms

Do not snub the damp soil and broken tile fragments


The fantasy garden inspired its neighbours

To take up urban organic micro gardening

The real garden’s neighbours leave their patches fallow and crazy weeds growing

And wonderful spring flowers coming up by themselves

Boslelie and peppermint geranium Spearmint and peace-in-the-home Clover aka suuring Little flowers - too pretty to weed out Kruid of onkruid - who knows Community of hopeful new shadeplants  Shards from the soil Gorgeous queen of the garden all decked out Boslelie - newly planted These curly plants came with the garden - struggling away Happy interesting moss The nettle for the job Precious afternoon sunbeams Neighbour wildflower peaking through the fence Daisies growing wild next door Fence and flowers on the other side

Red railway poppies

To the garden of the road.

The faith of the poppie seed – to grow towards the new season’s sun from wherever it is.   To respond to the rain from where it is.  To grow.   The faith of the poppie seed –  keeping the company of others who grow – the grass, the nettle, the brave and the beautiful.  The little lilac flowers.  And the bees, bees for each red flower bursting through the paving.

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