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From a highveld summer afternoon thunderstorm

Warm lively wishes for 2015 from a wonderful warm and wet day of thunderstorms on the highveld.

I am starting the year with a question about insisting.   There are so many ways in which people, peoples, and our planet home are calling out for what is truly needed, for peace, for fairness, for a future.  What is most urgent is often hard to express, difficult to work towards and awkward to sustain when it makes others uncomfortable.   It takes courage to stand up and be counted.   At the same time, if one always sings the same song, it is hard to bring people along.

My paraphrase:  Nature does not have to insist, the wind can blow for only half a morning, and it can rain for only half the day. If nature does not have to insist, why should we?  (Chapter 23 Tao Te Ching Witter Bynner version).

My 2015 question:  How to be faithful to what is right, but also learn from the thunderstorm?