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Depending on dandelions

I was once told, by someone for whom it was a reality, that there are seven plants which,  together,  keep the universe from unraveling.  I do not know the other six, so over time I take it almost for reality that it is the dandelion that keeps the universe from unraveling.

Dandelions on the pavement lawn

Be that as it may, the dandelions are a dance of transformation in themselves – open bright yellow flowers to the sun, happy harvest for bees, corkscrew no-flowers to the dusk sky, round puff-ball seeds, whisps of seeds on the wind . . . . and a root for a roasted beverage (if you know how to do that).

The dandelion-dao, maybe (maybe not) keeping the universe, or at least my bit of the beautiful planet,  woven together in rough times.

Cartoonist Michael Leunig once had a cartoon called “A man meets twelve great spiritual leaders” leunig25

I am doing a list called “A woman meets twelve great spiritual teachers”  or perhaps “Somebody meets twelve great immortals”.

Number one on the list, herewith the dandelion.